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Historic Restoration

Old historic buildings are crucial landmarks that hold generations of history. However, many old historic buildings need important updates or renovations to help sustain them, as well as help them suit the needs of modern life.

All Around restoration

Historic Restoration:
Inside & Out

The interior and exterior of historic buildings are equally important to restore and maintain. Many restoration projects utilize new building practices and products to make updates while still keeping the historic look and feel of the building intact.


How Curtis Construction is Different

Old buildings hold history and represent period architectural styles. Restoring and updating an old home or building is crucial to keeping them around for as long as possible. We’ve worked on many local projects to preserve character and charm while providing modern day updates delighting building and home owners.

Old Style Front Entrance to a restored house
restoring to former glory

Many old buildings require restoration including brick and window preservation. Our passion for helping clients restore structures and features of historical interest has led us to become a leader in our market with respect to this specialty work.

A restored inner brick building space
updating for a newer generation

Adding modern amenities is often important for building owners. Part of the restoration process includes updating heating and cooling systems, upgrading electrical service, and reconfiguring spaces to let the best parts of these buildings show their stuff.

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Restored to Former Glory

Each restoration is unique, and our team will work with you to complete your restoration in a timely manner, and in a way that makes sense for you and your building.