What is Timber Frame Construction?

A modern yet wooden rustic style house in a lightly wooded area.

Anyone in construction and design acquainted with timber frames is familiar with both the handcrafted look of timber frame homes, and the precision hand crafting required to make it happen. At Curtis Construction, we followed our passion to do high quality work with an old world building style and we started incorporating timber framing into many projects. 


What is Timber Frame Construction

There are a number of great reasons to choose timber framing for your project. There’s the romantic appeal of Old World craftsmanship including strength, endurance, and simply doing things the “old fashioned way”! Hand in hand with this goes the authenticity and natural beauty of real wood timbers joined with mortises and tenons, and held together with solid pegs, creating a structure of beauty and strength and a structure built to last.

With the load bearing carried by posts and beams, there is an intrinsic flexibility of design. Interior walls no longer provide support and now can be placed wherever you would like, or they can be left out altogether. This results in the spacious open floor plans commonly seen in timber frame buildings. Soaring cathedral ceilings are easily integrated. There is also a much greater flexibility in the location, number, and sizes of windows, allowing the dramatic natural lighting so often seen and admired in timber frame homes.

With the timber frame carrying the load like a skeleton, the envelope of the home is on the outside of the structure. This is one area where the timber frame style merges with modern technology, by using construction materials like Structural Insulated Panels, or SIPS. These are panels made of extruded foam, sandwiched between sheets of oriented strand board (OSB), and are quite strong. While adding to the design flexibility, SIPS panels also dramatically increase the energy efficiency and comfort of the timber frame home.

And last, but not least, timber framing is a “green” building style. With the use of SIPS panels, “green” points are awarded for tightness of construction, which results in dramatic gains in energy efficiency, with lower heating and cooling costs, and increased living comfort. “Green” points are also earned for the use of an engineered system, panelized construction and for the fact that the wood timbers used are a renewable resource.


​Why Build with Timber Frame?

Romantic appeal, strength, enduring quality and value, natural intrinsic beauty of both the parts and the whole, flexibility of design, energy efficiency and living comfort. We will design and build to your budget and timeline if possible. We have a long list of happy customers. They are our lifeblood and are very important to us.  We view each new home as an opportunity to improve our clients’ lifestyle and create and nurture a new and positive relationship with each owner.